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Just keep swimming

St Ives is surrounded by spectacular white sand beaches enjoyed by both locals and visitors. Swimming in the sea here provides a unique outdoor swimming experience in a beautiful setting, where you are surrounded by nature and wildlife. We love getting in the water, it’s always fun and we always feel better for it. Whether you wear a wetsuit or brave it without you’ll have an exhilarating experience. Our favourite beach to go swimming from is Porthgwidden as it’s nice and sheltered and close to all the amenities. It’s also a great place to spot wildlife and you may even enjoy a close encounter with a cheeky seal. It is important to remember however that you should never swim over to where they are. There are many benefits to cold water swimming such as great exercise, increased circulation and energy. Some people swear by the physical and mental benefits of taking daily cold showers, and getting into the sea in St Ives has the same effect, except with a much better view!